Zabriske talks to Steve Johnson about doping at Postal


USA Cycling Chief Steve Johnson is in trouble for denying that Dave Zabriske complained to him several times about US Postal team’s doping program. The encounters are written about in  Juliet Macur’s book Cycle of Lies

Reminds me a bit of the Simpsons and Chief Wiggum taking notes on his invisible typewriter.

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Bike throws

It is downright painful to watch a pro cyclist slam or throw a $5,000+ bike with such abandon. I can hear the carbon cracking. At least Bradley Wiggins’ weak upper body did not cause any havoc as the bike gently tucked against the wall.




The Dirty 40 and Rasputista

Unsanctioned gravel races are the future. Vermont’s toughest gravel road race and the Rasputista.

Rasputitsa is Russian for the mud season when roads become difficult to traverse. The 1st Annual Rasputitsa Spring Classic will be held on April 19th, 2014 starting at 9 AM EST at Main Street in Newport, VT. This 47 mile (31 miles of gravel) road race travels some of Vermont’s coldest and barren landscapes. The event raises money for the Mary E. Wright Halo Foundation. Register for $40 online at:

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Samsung Galaxy and Trek

Looks like Samsung Galaxy is taking the watch concept to a bike computer. The road bike placement looks good and having an integrated stem makes it look much better. The hybrid bike with the stem placement of the Galaxy looks a bit awkward. The sheer size of the Galaxy is a bit much.

Overall, this is a new trend of smartphones adding in more features related to fitness.