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Cherry Picking The Competition

via Kottke.org…A Wall Street Journal article about athletes who work hard at winning trophies. They don’t train hard running or biking, but searching online and gauging the competition. ASome athletes are going to smaller lesser known races to win a trophy. They carpetbag the smaller events in order to win. Watching where your competitors go like Lance used to monitor Jan Ullrich’s moves is a key component to training for the weekend warrior.

I have not gotten that desperate yet, but viewing my results on the USA Cycling site shows that maybe I should scout out smaller races with easier competitors to pad my palmares. Maybe I could tackle the Syracuse Kids Race next year. Those tots won’t know what’s coming when I swoop in an take the win. Don’t go crying to your mommy when I hoist the ribbon…oh, sorry I forgot everyone gets a ribbon at the kids race. Damn.

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Training To Race So Far…

It has been a while since I wrote about anything related to my racing. The problem is that while most of the country has some nice weather to ride, the Northeast has been cold, cold, cold. That has not stopped me from riding my bike outside at all, but this spring is really dragging since I am looking forward to doing some racing soon.

A few teammates have been going out to the Rochester early season Giros. These are low key races where thankfully Tyler Hamilton will not be competing. Gee, that guy sure loves to race. The most recent race report of the Rochester Giros can be found here.

Matt, Jason and William have been going to races every weekend so far. They certainly have the itch to race and are getting some good experience in during these training races. If my timing works out I will join them next week and give a race report.

So, what do I do in the meantime to make sure that I am ready to race? Like many other weekend warriors, I have a family, full time job and web logs to maintain, so I do’t have endless hours to devote to training. Add to that a few pounds that I need to lose in the meantime and you have a need to focus on training done right.

My training consists of a few different activities. Spinning Class, Weight lifting (squats, leg curls etc.) Cardio work and some bike trainer work.

Bike Trainer.
I do not spend endless hours on the bike trainer. This is different than most other weekend warriors. I do not have a bike setup with a TV, and I am not sick of watching last years Tour de France. Bottom line, I do not do much riding on my trainer. There are a few sessions that I do on a trainer and rollers, but the longest session I’ve had is about 1 hour. When I do ride the rollers or trainers, I try to do interval work which varies each time. Plus, on the rollers I try to focus on smoothing out my pedal stroke to try and get smooth circles.

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