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ESPN2 Where are you?

I could also title this entry as No Respect I Tell Ya.

The Tour of California TV coverage….what can I say…no respect.

Tonight as the images of Levi Leipheimer storming up to Coit Tower make their way onto TVs of insomiancs everywhere, I will be tucked into my bed snoozing away as my DVR hums along recording the action. As I write this report ESPN2 is showing some Poker tournament. It probably gets better ratings than the Tour of California would get in the same time slot…I woud think.

I am still surprised that folks watch poker being played on TV and so many channels have glommed on to the wave of popularity. With the oversaturation of Poker on just about every channel I would expect that the popularity of the showings to be waining. Apparently, that isn’t the case, who would have thunk it?
I would totally understand if ESPN2 was showing College Basketball. I actually love College BB, but not so much this year as my Syracuse Orange is a bit sour.
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