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Lottery Winner Buys Bikes

An Idaho Powerball jackpot winner decides to spend his money wisely instead of splurging it all on a solid gold house and a rocket car.

Brad Duke, 34, a manager for five Gold’s Gym franchises in Idaho, pocketed a lump sum of $85 million after winning a $220 million Powerball jackpot in 2005.

He does not want to end up like most Powerball winners in the past who would quickly run through his money. Instead he smartly assembled a group of financial advisers to help him achieve more wealth through diversified investments. He did not splurge on much. The first indulgence was a trip to Tahiti for him and 17 of his closest friends. After that he bought bikes including as $12k BMC! This is especially cool when you consider that he bought a 2002 Jetta worth $15k. So he basically has spent more on cool bikes than a new car. No shocking green Lamborghini for this lotto winner. Just a red and black BMC Time Machine perhaps?

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Eddy on a BMC?

(pic from Yahoo!)

Eddy Merckx is riding with the Phonak team since his son Axel is part of the team. Here is a nice pic of Axel and Eddy riding together. Eddy Merckx lost lots of weight recently and now looks like he could race again if he wanted. What is odd is the fact that Eddy is riding one of the team issue BMC bikes. Not a big deal, but Eddy would have to know that any ride he goes on during the rest day will guarantee a photo opportunity especially if he is riding with a big Tour favorite and his son too. Wonder why he could not bring one of his own bikes? BMC must be relishing this pic, will the Swiss bike manufacturer use this in their ads?

BMC Uses Nanotube Technology

Gizmodo picked up the lasted review from Pez Cycling of the new BMC SLC01. The bike that weighs the equivalent of five cellphones (assuming a Razr) made the Gadget news blog because of the use of the small strands of carbon fiber.

As for Pez, he has a very extensive review of the BMC. It is a bit biased as it is for personal use.

I admit to being enamoured of BMC bikes, my personal ride for 2005 was their SLT01 Team Machine – regaled in full Phonak colors [and stolen from my garage!... Tech Ed].

Glad you got a replacement Pez! I was never near your garage… not that anyone was asking me, but just to be sure…

Seriously though, the review at Pez has some great insight into BMC’s development using Carbon fiber, and how they shaved 10 ounces off of last years model. Hint: they went to an all-carbon frame by removing the aluminum lugs.

Gizmodo: Bike Frame Uses Nanotube Technology, Light as Five Cellphones

Pez Cycling Reviewof BMC SLC01