Let Alberto Ride


It’s born. The new site letalbertoride.com is live today after reading a couple of blog posts from Bike Snob NYC, Interbike Times and Cyclelicio.us. Levi gets a nice site and a whole campaign to get him to ride the Tour de France, but Alberto Contador is the defending champ, and he gets a poorly designed site from some Spainish guys with bad english translations. This isn’t right. So I registered the domain which was surprisingly available and setup the site this afternoon. Go sign the petition and we’ll see what happens.


4 thoughts on “Let Alberto Ride

  1. You’re right about the design. The first time I saw Alberto’s site I wondered if it was for real (until I saw the signature count, which was pretty high.)

    I’m just curious who will win the signature race now that they both have nice sites. ;)

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