ECO Shoe Dryer


You experienced the problem before. Your cycling shoes are soaked after a wet ride or race. Up until now the best way to dry them was to either load them up with paper towels or completely open them up to dry. A company called L.I.D (Life In Detail) created a shoe dryer primarily for folks who suffer from sweaty feet. Athletes such as cyclist, triathletes, runners etc. who battle the elements can use something to dry out their wet shoes other than an extra pair.


ECO Shoe Dryer

3 thoughts on “ECO Shoe Dryer

  1. so what do you do? rip the heel off and pound a hole through the sole to plug it in?
    looks like a no go to me. on the other hand there is the hair dryer. but given the vents in the soles of mine drying is a non issue anyway.

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