WaPo: Web Fuels Bike Thefts

The Washington Post has a little story about the rise of bike thefts. The rise is thanks to more and expensive bikes out on the streets and easy ways to sell them such as eBay and Craigslist. Some sad victims have stumbled onto their own bikes being sold and decide to go vigilante on the sellers.

I remember seeing posters around the SU Campus recently of a lost/stolen MTB. I thought it was pretty much a lost cause and could relate to the emotional attachment that you get with your bike.

However, after my recent race (Chris Thater report coming), I am very much inclined for a new rig.

Washington Post

One thought on “WaPo: Web Fuels Bike Thefts

  1. I like this line in the article: “Moulton, who is by no means scrawny, enlisted the help of a friend and set out to confront the seller with evidence that the bike was his.”

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