Tour de Georgia Tour Tracker


Following the Tour of California Tour Tracker, the same technology will be used for the The Tour de Georgia Tour Tracker.

Allan Padgett of Adobe was originally involved in building the Tour of California Tour Tracker. He provided details on how it was built using the Adobe Flex Framework. The entire app was built within 4 weeks with only one or so developers. They were also using beta technology that was not fully tested. Cell phones were used to constantly broadcast GPS positions of riders. This was complicated at times when the course would run through areas where T-Mobile coverage was spotty or non-existent.

Allan even built a live Tour Tracker for the US Open Cycling Championships using only GPS data, no live video.

Needless to say there were bugs that needed to be worked out. Despite all of the issues the Tour Tracker did a great job of getting information on the bike races in real time. Something to geek out on while sitting at your desk.

Here are the features of the Tour de Georgia Tour Tracker.

Live Streaming Video
Through the cooperation of Kent Gordis Productions, AVF Creations , Adobe , Multicast, and Akamai , as well as multiple companies providing the connectivity support, for the first time the Tour de Georgia will be broadcast live on the web.

Live Streaming Audio
To accompany the video, fans will have 2 options for audio streams. Live Commentary features renowned announcers Dave Towle and Jeff Roake, as well as some surprise guests. An alternative audio feed will be from Radio Tour, the “behind the scenes” scanner discussions from the race (when available).

Live GPS Tracking
Tour Tracker also features live GPS tracking giving fans updates on the top riders’ speed, distance traveled, elevation and time splits per location in the stage. Fans can see where the leaders, the peloton, and the end of the pack are located on the interactive map within the Tour Tracker.

Live Text Updates
Live text updates of all the action can easily be tracked within the Tour Tracker interface, courtesy of .

Detailed Rider Tracking Data
In an exciting new way to track the riders, several riders each day will be utilizing the new Garmin Edge 305 GPS-enabled personal trainer and cycle computer. With a wireless heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensor, Edge 305 will allow fans to view the details of a professional riders experience. With downloadable data, owners of an Edge product can ride the same route and be able to see how they stack up against the professionals. In addition, some route date from Kevin Livingston, a former professional cyclist will be viewable, as well as daily tips on how the Edge 305 can be used to train for all levels of cycling, from casual to professional.

Details on the backend of the Tour of California Tour Tracker

Amgen Tour of California Tour Tracker