Pereiro Waits for Apology


Oscar Pereiro the runner-up/winner in waiting of the 2006 Tour de France is in the headlines after French paper Le Monde publish a story detailing a positive drug test result for the Caisse D’Epargne rider. The drug test result was salbutamol a drug for which Pereiro has a medical waiver registered with the UCI. The French lab does not have the correct paper work and has been making requests since September.

“The cyclist’s own record and a study made in March last year demonstrate that Oscar has a sensitivity in his bronchioles which is greater than that of the average of the population, and that causes him to have to take medication if he presents symptoms that might justify it.”

The Spanish cyclist said Thursday — after Le Monde reported that he twice tested positive for salbutamol — that he would quickly send the French agency paperwork to show that he had a justified medical reason and waiver to take the medication, which is normally banned.

Pereiro has the paperwork to use the substance he tested positive for with the UCI, but not the French organization. Pereiro did not send his paperwork until Le Monde splashed an attention grabbing article on their front page insinuating that he too is doping. So there is no story, just a lapse in paperwork between two organizations. Yet another nail in the coffin of cycling by sensationalizing doping stories that don’t have much weight.

Another issue here is that Le Monde is acting as sort of an enforcer to the French Anti-doping agency. This situation is a bit too cozy. The French Anti doping agency has a paperwork issue so they go to the press to get the rider to send in their paperwork?

Besides wasn’t WADA supposed to centralize the testing of athletes under one roof? We still have the UCI with one set of paperwork and the French anti-doping agency with another set. Just because of some administrative details a pro cyclist gets his name splashed in a sensationalist doping headline?

Periero is waiting for an apology from whoever is involved:

“Once this is cleared up I’ll wait for whoever needs to, to apologize to me,” he said. via