Pedaling Cadence and Running

With the latest streak of great weather up in the Northeast it has been easy to get out for a bike ride or run. Friday I did a hilly 34 mile spin with Dave VanWie. On the ride I concentrated on keeping it in the small chainring for most of the ride. There were a few descents where I was spun out, so I clicked it onto the big ring, but not other time did I switch out of the 42 tooth ring. My goal was to concentrate on spinning my legs. Keeping a high cadence is key and after seeing the discussion on junior gearing it reinforced my original ideas. Mashing bad, spinning good. It is one approach, but I would like to spin much faster next year on the road. Spinning classes are a good way to increase cadence.

With the higher cadence ride on Friday, I decided to go for a run on Saturday. This was partly due to not enough time to get out for a bike ride. So I headed out of my house and up some hills. What I noticed was that for the first time I had no need to stop. This was due to a good pace that I set early on and was made easier by my stride. The 34 mile higher cadence ride on the previous day seemed give my legs muscle memory that converted over to running. I felt I was running with a much smoother stride and felt like I could run forever. The stride was almost effortless as my legs seemed to turn over as if I was riding a bike. This gave me a new feeling of euphoria where at some points I got close to experiencing the runners’ high. Or could it be some effects from the leftover turkey? I think I finally reached a level where running is dare I say…fun!?

Now I am left wondering if my high cadence ride helped my running to the point where it was easier to run that it had been before. Is there a correlation between pedal cadence and running? Do triathletes have a preference for cadence on the bike that will help them when they run? Or it is all personal preference? I am going to do a little research for now and find out more.

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