Lance and Floyd are Hackers


Latest reports now indicate that Lance Armstrong is hacking into people’s computers too. First Floyd and now Lance have been accused of hacking into people’s computers. Cyclist sure are a geeky crew, but the uber tough guy pros don’t seem to have much spare time to hack away. Maybe L’Equipe still remembers War Games and thinks that every American Male easily hacks into the local school to change his grades, so that it would be a natural transition to hacking into French Lab to change his drug test.

Maybe Lance and Floyd just “wanted to play a game” they did not know they were really hacking into the French lab. They just wanted to change the code on their samples to any variation of “Dick Pound”.

Or perhaps it was a member of the American cycling entourage. This figure is much like Bob Roll who is tight with just about every pro racer. Only this person is not a person and is rarely seen. Could the figure be an actual robot that just wants to help his friends? Anyone remember what happen to Johnny 5?

Anyway to help out L’Equipe here are a few quick ways that you can tell if Lance Armstrong is indeed a hacker.

1) Was there a “Free Kevin” sticker on Lance’s disk wheel back in 2005? 10//2 icon disk wheel

2) Does he laugh when he reads this comic?


These are just a few points, but I would guess that Lance is not a hacker since he doesn’t have a Free Kevin sticker on his disk wheel and would probably punch the guy who drew the above cartoon.