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The Devil has been a cycling fixture for many years. The German cycling fan has been paying his own way to races around the world to ride next to pro cyclist at key moments. Now, Specialized is looking to give their riders a bit of good luck or protection by having their own Specialized Angel superfan.


It is not know if the fetching Angel is indeed a cycling superfan who happens to be paid by Specialized or simply a lovely model dressed in an Angel costume. Velochimp doesn’t care either way and wishes for more roadside attractions such as the Angel at cycling events.

Specialized has a writeup on the the prologue of the Tour of California that includes a few shots of Levi and the Angel.

The fabled Angel was reportedly sent from heaven to bless and protect the riders as they race across California. While many question her existence, or explain her appearances as delusions existing in the minds of dehydrated, over-exerted cyclists, the Specialized Angel is in fact real. A beautiful winged creature, she appears most often at the tops of long climbs, offering riders inspiration and a reward for making it to the top. While she seems to have a special place in her heart for cyclists on Specialized bikes and equipment, she shares her beauty and positivity with all cyclists, regardless of equipment, skills or cycling ability.

Wonder how long this will last? Will we see the Angel in the Tour de France? Will she get along with Diddy the Devil? Is that guy with the the bull horns and football helmet going to be at the Tour this year now that Lance is retired?

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Better shot of the Angel: Flickr

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4 thoughts on “Specialized’s Angel

  1. I just got back from the final race in Redondo. Interesting to note that various Amgen event representatives (who were all women) were PISSED at the Angel and her Specialized guardians shuttling her around. They asked them to “leave the premises”; as if Redondo Beach streets were private property – something about calling the police. I guess they were …blinded by the light. The Angel just gave a heavenly smile and blew them a kiss for safety – which really pissed them off. Apparently the Specialized Angel has completely usurped the media attention away from Amgen, the title sponsor, or in any case really pissed off the women representatives from Amgen. As the character Veronica say’s in the movie Heathers: “Jealous much?”. I noticed that kids really enjoyed talking to the model… as did the fathers… as did anyone with a camera.

    God – we are so grateful to You for blessing us with your heavenly Angel, and having kept us safe today from the evil “P.C. Nazis” in this great state. Let us give our blessings.

  2. Thanks for the info JPS. It is brilliant gorilla marketing by Specialized. It will be interesting to see if the Angel makes an appearance in bigger Euro races.

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