Team Presentation Time

This week has been full of team presentations from the major Pro Tour teams and smaller continental teams. Everyone has the hope and ambition for the new year. Plus, the new kits are released for the coming year. Here is a look at a few team kits and my impression.

Discovery Channel:
New design for the jersey this year looks a bit more like the Quick-Step team jersey. They chose a blue grey mix. The front of the jersey is grey from the shoulder down. This grey also flows to the side of the jersey. Although this looks good enough on sketches, but the end result is that skinny 135lb men look like they have beer bellies. Not a good look, see the pics for yourself. The grey belly is not flattering. Perhaps it is taking a note from a shark like last years Disco team jersey? If so, is Jabberjaw their inspiration?


Velonew: Discovery Team Presentation

Caisse D’Epargne
By far the coolest new kit of 2006. The Caisse D’Epargne Illes Balears (Can’t wait for Phil and Paul to butcher this name, I am not sure how to even say Caisse D’Epargne) team will be doing a two jersey tango this season. They will highlight Illes Balears when racing in Spain, and other countries (yeah, I am too lazy to look it up), but will present Caisse D’Epargne as the top sponsor when racing in France and other areas. The new jersey is mostly black with a subtle carbon fiber looking pattern. The result is very classy and by far the best looking kit of the 2006 season. Black is the new Blue as CSC has added more black to their jersey. The continental Italian team LPR has switched over to a mostly black.
Caisse D’Epargne Team Presentation

Dario Pieri in the LPR Kit

More black for CSC

The new Italo-German team is ready to dominate the sprint stages, but their blue hue will make them blend in a bit with the rest of the blue hued peoloton. Overall, the kit is classy and simply. No crazy patterns or mismatch colors. The sideways logo on the back of the jersey does get extra style points for some originality. They allow for a larger sized logo to be placed on the back of the jersey.
Milram out training, notice the sideways logo on the back

What happened with the Lampre kit? The Kappa kit of the last year was nice for its simplicity , although the black crotch section was odd, you could not notice it during a race, only at podium time. Not sure why they wanted an off colored crotch, but that is last years design. This year, Lampre break out more pink, but also ruin the look by using an asymmetrical patch pattern. Not good.

Damiano Cunego in new Lampre Kit

4 thoughts on “Team Presentation Time

  1. Nice kit for the Abercrombie and Fitch Inferno Team. It is great to see a new sponsor in the domestic circuit.

    I’ll be racing for an amateur regional team sponsored by Colavita this year. Our kit is being finalized right now. I will post that when it is in.

  2. You’re right about the over-abundance of blue in the pro peloton.

    The Milram jersey is average at best. The LPR and Caisse D’Epargne jersey’s look good, but I wouldn’t want to be racing in those things come July!

    I’m really digging the Belgium pro team Unibet’s new kits. Green is such an under-utilized color.

    I’m going to check out the Abercrombie kits next.

    I’ve posted a lot of stuff about the kits of the different pro teams on my blog 5count. I even have a poll about the best looking kit currently participating in the Tour of Cali. Check it out.

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