New Team for…Velochimp

Velochimp will be racing a bit more this year as I joined the new regional amateur team for Colavita Olive Oil. The team picks up several riders in the area that were formerly part of the Aurora Cycling Team and The new team currently has 24 riders that race in various levels from Cat 2 all the way down to Cat 5 (me). The Team will be know as Colavita We are the Central New York Regional Amateur team for Colavita Olive Oil. There are several teams already established as an amateur branch of Colavita Olive Oil, and anyone can join the general organtization through the Colavita website.

I have raced in the past, but never as part of a team. This is one aspect that I always wished for, but was never quite good enough or on the ball early enough in the season to get organized. I race for fun, but I do want to do well. For my size 200+lbs, I will be focusing on Criterium races. I may do a few road races mixed in, but I will be more effective as a Crit racer since I can handle my bike fairly well, I am not afraid to mix in a big group going fast and know how to sprint.

I will be posting about my racing and training as a regular series under Weekend Warrior. I won’t post race reports in excrutiating detail, or talk about stomach cramps or my bodily functions that hinder my performance during a race. My main goal is to talk about what I am doing to get ready for races and how our team will work during a race. I also want to demystify racing for those who are interested in bike racing, but have not tried it for whatever reason.