Chinese Bike Crash: Photographer Blamed

Falling bike

Rule number one of riding in the rain is do not ride through puddles. There are many reason to not ride through a puddle and number one is the fact that you do not know how deep the puddle is or what is below. A bicyclist in China had his ride through a puddle turn sour when he hit a deep crevase or some type of pothole in the road. The photographer is catching some heat because-as the perfectly caputered photos show-he was waiting around for someone to crash. The Photog wanted to call attention to the city’s poorly paved streets by documenting a crash. Mission accomplished.

Some maybe not-so obvious observations:

1) It is raining very hard, so the guy is soaked already. Why is he riding with an umbrella?

2) If he is trying to avoid getting drenched more than he already i sby carrying the umbrella, why is he riding through the puddle? His fenders would dissipate most water, but they wouldn’t completely dissipate the rooster tails caused by the puddle.

3) Most puddles can cause you to crash simply by hydroplaning or disrupting our front wheel, why is he riding through the puddle?

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